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True Hell

George Clooney unloads on Hollywood and the media over the Sony hacks

"Do whatever you can to get this movie out," Clooney told Amy Pascal, the head of Sony Pictures. "Not because everybody has to see the movie, but because I'm not going to be told we can't see the movie. That's the most important part. We cannot be told we can't see something by Kim Jong-un, of all f*cking people."

Right on, George Clooney.

Raven Banner opens a Portal to Hell

The upcoming Roddy Piper-starring short film PORTAL TO HELL has just signed a deal with distributor Raven Banner, who will come aboard the feature film version. Raven Banner will take Canadian distribution and international sales, joining XYZ Films, who will rep the feature’s US rights.

This is pretty great news. I was excited a month ago when I saw the Indiegogo campaign pitch for the short film, and now I’m even more excited about the prospects of a feature length version. I mean, come on; Roddy Piper vs. Cthulhu. What’s not to love about that?

Tim Burton directing Beetlejuice 2; Winona Ryder on board

In an interview with MTV, Burton confirmed that he will be directing the upcoming sequel, which is not quite the main piece of news we’re here to share today. After all, it was pretty much a given that Burton would be in the director’s chair, wasn’t it?

No, the more exciting morsel on tap for you today is that Winona Ryder is set to star in Beetlejuice 2 alongside Micheal Keaton, reprising her beloved role from the 1988 classic.

Looks like this one is really going to happen. I would rank Beetlejuice as Burton’s third best movie (after Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands), so I’m kind of excited to see what he might do in returning to that material.

True Hell

True Hell

Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer

Somehow I missed posting this yesterday, but here it is a day late. Hopefully the movie ends up being just as insane and amazing as this trailer.